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25 Jan 2019

Episode 9: Lessons Learned from Making a Fitbit Data Visualization Shiny App

Dynamic data visualization widgets can be pretty cool, but it takes more than just statistical chops to build an online...

18 Jan 2019

Episode 8: The French Revolution and the Challenge of Reproducibility

What can machine learning tell us about the French Revolution? This episode describes a brief history lesson of the digital...

11 Jan 2019

Episode 7: The Virtual Maestro and the Most Influential Movie

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at conducting an orchestra? Now you can, with Google’s Semi-Conductor online app....

04 Jan 2019

Episode 6: Probability Games and Amazon's Own Self-Driving Car

What are the odds that a toss of a 10-sided die, followed by a toss of a 20-sided die, and...

28 Dec 2018

Episode 5: The Do's and Don'ts of Data Visualization

Data visualization is an integral pre-cursor to data analysis, providing a way to visually inspect the data for surprising trends...

21 Dec 2018

Episode 4: Meet the Co-hosts (Part 2)

This week, we learn about Jessi Cisewski-Kehe’s background to find out how she went from a Math major to an...

12 Dec 2018

Episode 3: Meet the Co-hosts (Part 1)

This week, we learn about Susan Wang’s background to find out how she went from an Applied Math major to...

04 Dec 2018

Episode 2: Biometric Technology at Airports, Google Smart Replies, Bestselling Books

In this episode, we discuss biometric technology used at airports, Google Smart Replies (and letting AI compose our emails/texts for us),...

29 Nov 2018

Episode 1: Thanksgiving, College Football, International Prize in Statistics

The first episode of the DataBytes Podcast where we discuss popular topics related to data, statistics, data science, machine learning,...