Three topics are featured in this episode: first, statistics about Super Bowl LIII, including what was in the bowls as the game happened; second, a fun activity for teaching confidence intervals; finally, we present some online sources for data.


Questions for Confidence Interval Activity

The questions below were asked in the podcast. The answers are provided in line. Answers that are not immediately obvious through a Google search are linked to their sources.

  1. What’s the average distance from the Earth to Mars in kilometers?” 225 mil km

  2. What’s the height of Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) in feet? 20,310ft to 20,320 ft

  3. What’s the minimum number of moves required to solve any Rubik’s cube? 20.

  4. What year was the first toothpaste tube invented? 1873

  5. How many men signed the Declaration of Independence? 56

  6. How many milligrams of caffeine on average are in a shot of Starbucks espresso? 89 mg

  7. What percentage of American adults is estimated to own a smartphone , as of 2018? 81%

  8. What is the greatest amount of snow to fall in a single US location over 24 hour period, in inches? 75.8”

  9. In 2017, how much beef did Americans consume per person on average (in lbs)? 56.9 lbs

  10. As of Feb 1, 2019, how many bitcoins are there in circulation? 17,516,000